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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  April 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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on the radar at this moment. severe storms blowing through the area. lightning strikes as all of this storm moves from virginia to maryland. good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang, welcome to this thursday, april 28. it's a wild weather morning. tom keiran has been tracking the storm all night long. right to him for the latest in the storm system, good morning. at one point, eight counties have been under tornado warnings. many of those have expired now. parts of washington county and frederick county in maryland are under a tornado warning. we'll go to the radar and i'll show you where the storm is, the
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storm with the most intense winds and the storm that may be producing a tornado right now is in washington county maryland to the east of hagerstown. that particular storm is the storm that's heading just right up to the north and west of thurmont. near cactoctin mountain. that one is moving off to the north and east. it's just to the west of thurmont. getting heavy rain as well as some hail, perhaps, and as well as lots of lightning. these are the villages and the towns that will be affected by the storm in the next few minutes. that one is the worst one right now. it does look like there's a hook echo there to the northwest of thurmont. hook echo that means there's a potential circulation in that storm that could be a tornado. no information it's touching down. it has the potential to be a
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touchdown tornado in washington county west of thurmont there on the frederick and washington county line. now further to the south, we've got a strong storm there just to the south of hagers town. that does not look like it's got any activity in it. it has a lot of rain, a lot of lightning. we have heavy rain about to move to loudoun county as well as northern faquier county. that one is heading off to the north and east. these are the villages that are going to be affected by that particular storm here in the next few minutes or so. the heaviest of rains from that will be heading through western loudoun and northern faquier county purcellville and ron hill in the next 35 minutes or so. don't see any hook echoes with this particular storm, certainly a lot of very heavy rain. and as a result, we've got many
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counties that are under a flash flood warning right now. all of these counties in red are under a flash flood warning. this is going to be through here through the next few hours sorry. my colleague chuck bell is joining us. can you tell us at home what we should be doing if a tornado is threatening or a strong tornado is coming their way. these are some of the tips. chuck nopes because he went to college in oklahoma and knows a lot about severe weather. the latest on what you should do at home. >> absolutely. definitely the first thing you need to do is get in to a basement if you have one. but a lot of people in this part of the country don't have basements in your home. so you should get down on the lowest level of your house, most interior section. put as many walls between you and the outside of the house as
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possible. it means a small hallway closet, interior hallway or a bathroom on the lowest level of your house. that's the safest place to be. in a mobile home, those are not safe in this high end severe weather. if you live in a mobile home, the best thing to do is have an evacuation plan ready to go. a lot of people don't think it's going to be safer than riding it out in a mobile home. you'll be safer even though you'll be wet. to be outside lying down in a ditch or culvert somewhere nearby. if the tornado or the straightline winds would tip the trailer over, you would be part of a moving debro. that's not where you want it to be. that's the number one thing you need to do. reports of quite a bit of wind damage and large hail as well. allegheny county, maryland. one-inch diameter hail late last night.
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2:45 this morning. 62 mile-per-hour straight line winds there. a measured 58 mile-per-hour wind. hardy county, west virginia, trees down, power out. that occurred at 3:30 this morning. that will slide on the blue ridge and the piedmont in northern virginia. it's tracking off to the northeast between 45 and 55 miles per hour. as tom was saying, that's going to be the next storm we need to focus on here in the washington metro area as that storm is coming out of rappahanock and culpepper counties in the next two hours or so. that's 90 miles from washington. it will take two hours to get here in washington. >> we had a severe thunderstorm warning go out for rappahanock and madison counties including
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western culpepper county. a severe thunderstorm warning just came out for that. that little red box you see in the top of the screen there, east of hagerstown, that's the tornado warping that's still in effect for far northwestern frederick county. that's going to move up to pennsylvania. in addition, we don't have a warning yet for loudoun county for the storm there moving to western loudoun county. there's a lot of rain with that. dope see any hook echoes with that one. a lot of rain and lightning. watch out for the ponding of water. these storms are going to continue to advance to the washington metro area. should be here in the metro area in another hour or so, stay tuned. now how's tra sk? >> check things out in the north along 270. a lot of flashes of lightning. but does not appear that the rain has started quite yet. it's a matter of a couple of minutes i suspect by looking at
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the radar. good to go, hyattstown to the beltway. northern virginia will head over to 66 where crews are still in the roadway. westbound leaving fallston. be careful once the weather starts moving in, things will get difficult very, very rapidly. out on the rails if you're heading out to catch a train, there's good news if we get here. metro, vre, and mar 'ing with no delays. we received a lot of pictures overnight. take a look at this from the clinton vowel lunteer fire department. it's several funnel clouds merged into a larger one. >> in in virginia, you can see the dark clouds hanging over longwood university in farmville. >> if we have pictures, we do want to see them. we can share them as well. e-mail us at
5:08 am you can post them on the news 4 today facebook page. another line of deadly storms is sweeping through the southeast this morning. so far, alabama has been hit the hardest with at least 61 deaths. this is video of one massive tornado that has ripped through tuscaloosa in the university of alabama. a worker in the athletics department there captured the footage. just amazing. that storm killed 15 people in tuscaloosa alone. the damage, as you can see here now is just devastating. sections of the city have been destroyed. dozens of streets are impassable. president obama has declared a state of emergency allowing the state to receive federal assistance. coming up in 15 minutes, we'll talk to the weather channel chuck morrow live in birmingham, alabama with a closer look at the damage across the state. that's coming up at 5:20. 5:08 is the time. a short break. but we're all over the storms
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for you. >> severe storm coverage contin
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good morning. i'm tom kierein in storm center 4. thunderstorms are heading off to the north and the east. now getting closer to the metropolitan area. look at the radar now. the tornado warning has expired
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now for northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia. still in effect for northern and northwestern county frederick county maryland. that storm is pulling up to southern pennsylvania and beginning to pull away. that is the most intense storm we have right now just to the north and west of thurmont and right near cactoctin mountain. that's advancing to the north along route 15 and chambersburg and gettysburg. that's continuing to move away from our region. further to the south, we have another storm that's producing heavy rain in loudoun county. that's about to sweep right through leesburg, head to ash buf ashburn and then to sterling. it does not have a history to it, thankfully. a lot of rain and a lot of lightning with this. perhaps maybe a gust right along the leading edge of that that
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could be around 30 to 40 to 50 mile-per-hour gusts but don't have a warning yet for loudoun county. furtherer to the south, there is a severe thunderstorm warning that does include green county as well as madison count tip and northern faquier county. you can take away the radar. you can see where that warning is in effect. and awele of these counties you can see here affected by this orange are under this severe thunderstorm warning. and now it's just also including far northwestern culpepper county, most of rappahanock county, and parts of madison county. that is going to be in effect here in the next half-hour or so. we look talt wider view, the only other warning we have is the tornado warning for northwestern frederick county and extreme eastern washington county. that is going to be in effect for another half hour or so. and we'll see these storms continuing to advance north and east heading to the washington metro area within the hour. and the forecast for the next day for the rest of the day today, we'll have our
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temperatures climbing to the mid 70s. right now, it's near 70. still a chance of isolated storm through noontime. sunshine back this afternoon. overnight tonight, it will be partly cloudy. we'll be in the upper 40s by dawn tomorrow. take a look at the weekend and in to next week in ten minutes. how's traffic, jerry? starting out wit the wind more than anything else as a factor right now. still dealing with dry pavement as you head east of manassas. all of the travel planes open for the moment. westbound, same story, at least for the near future. head on oh over to the american legion bridge, the traffic on the outer loop okay. the inner loop, no accidents or incidents a the moment. on the rails, doing well. metro, vre, and marc, no earlier delays. >> thank you. 74 degrees. ahead on news 4 today, who the capitals will be playing in the next round of the playoffs. >> the royal wedding odds. who's the safest bet to fall asleep?
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time right now, 5:18, 74 degrees. a live look at the radar. storms moving across our area right now. so far all of the tornado warnings have expired. but there's a tornado watch in effect until 8:00 this morning for our entire area. >> as we monitor severe weather here, we're following another big story halfway around the world. the royal wedding is little more than 24 hours away. british reports say kate middleton is at westminster abbey right now possibly for a
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rehearsal. paparazzi captured here as she left her family home for the last time as a single woman. one picture taken from the back seat of the car shows what appears to be wedding vows, it reads, quote, with so much love in our hearts. the bride to be was in the car with her sister, pippa. he's putting his odds on a washout. >> the odds were the other way around. looks like we're going to get rain on friday. it's england after all, what do you expect? >> surprised if the storm comes out. >> exactly. >> we have prince phillip falling asleep at 6/1. he does the most inon per tune things and prince harry dropping the ring. that could happen. >> kate will be more than 30 minutes late for her wedding and you saw 6 to 1 odds that prince
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phillip will fall asleep during the wedding. you can watch the royal wedding here on nbc 4 beginning alt 4:00 tomorrow morning. we'll broadcast news for today beginning at 4:30. we'll broadcast that on nbc washington nonstop. that's our digital channel on comcast channel 208. verizon fios channel 460, and cox cable channel 803. or you can wash it over the air on channel 4.2. 5:20 now. a u.s. travel advisory for americans traveling in europe should expire after the royal wedding. the state department issued the warning back in october after reports of terrorists were planning a mumbai style of attack. more than 160 people were kill in the 2008 shooting free when a gunman fired into a crowd. a state department official said authorities do not have plans to renew that travel alert. the space shuttle "endeavour" has been glitch a go for a liftoff for the final flight. barring any technical delays, it will take off tomorrow at 3:45
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tomorrow afternoon. it will deliver an astrophysics experiment to the international space station as well as hardware and supplies to the station. one of the astronauts, the astronaut commander is mark kelly, the husband of arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. it appears that giffords herself will steal the show down in florida. this is video of her walking up the steps to a jet to fly down to kennedy space center just three months after being shot in the head during an event in tucson. right now, there are no plans for the congresswoman to make a public appearance and she will watch the launch from a closed off area. after relaxing for the past few days, the capitals now now who their second round opponent is. the tampa bay lightninge rayed a 3-1 series deficit to come back and erase a series in the pittsburgh penguins. game one of the eastern conference semifinals is tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. at the verizon center.
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game two is on sunday, game three and four in florida will be played back to back on tuesday and wednesday. go caps. >> go indeed! won't have to face pittsburgh, at least. but they've had not such a great time with tampa bay. >> hope for the best. tom has been a busy man this morning. severe storm warnings still in effect. what's the latest? >> yeah, thankfully, the tornado warnings have all expired now. the storms themselves are beginning to weaken quite a bit. a look at the radar and what's happening right now after a busy couple of hours. the situation is improving. there is quite an intensive thunderstorm. it's mainly now producing heavy rain in loudoun county where you see that area of orange now just to the north and west of leesburg. that is crossing in to northern montgomery county. that storm is producing a lot of rain. so there's going to be quick ponding of water and small creeks and streams there in
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northern loun down county. northwestern montgomery county affected by that heavy downpour activity. up to frederick city in southern frederick county, they're getting heavy rain there between frederick and walkersville. that storm is heading off to the north and east with lightning and perhaps oechb a little bit of hail. as we look furtherer to the south, much further south of us, we do have another cluster of thunderstorm activity that does look like thankfully it is diminishing. but there is a severe thunderstorm warning out for northern rappahanock and western culpepper county. that storm is advancing north and east with again heavy downpours and frequent lightning. but it looks like the situation is improving and the nearest rain right now to washington is just now coming in to western fairfax county. the area of dark green and orange, that's moderate rain. that stretches down to manassas and further to the south, just
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to the west of stafford county, that is going to be moving in that way as well. take a look at the forecast here for the next day today and into tonight. the view view from our city camera is showing a cloudy sky over washington, there's the jefferson memorial. we'll have the temperatures in the 70s. a storm could be popping up here later this morning through noontime. sun back this afternoon and overnight tonight, partly cloudy. much cooler will be down in the upper 40s by dawn on friday. during the day tomorrow. partly cloudy, highs near 60s with a blustery wind. afternoon highs, low 70s. the beautiful day sunday with the upper 70s and partly cowdy. as we get to next week, maybe storms around on monday, then mild and dry after that. jerry, how's traffic now. >> so far, dry pavement as you head north out of dumfries, dale city en route to the occoquan.
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very good news at this point. no accidents to impede the flow. coming in along interstate 270. german town, same story. clearly you can see the wind is beginning to whip us around a little bit. we can head to the west to see how we're doing. a little bit of rain there. but watching a lot of lightning out to the west, obviously, with these storms. keep you gyp dated on that. out to the rails -- metrorail, we do have delays on metrorail's blue line. trains are sharing the same track. so do anticipate delay there is on the blue line, vre and marc, no delays. eun? thanks so much. 5:25 now. take a look at this incredible video out of alabama. a massive tornado ripped through tuscaloosa destroying parts of the city. in all, 61 people have been killed across the state. president obama declared a state of emergency down there in
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alabama freeing up federal assistance for every county in the state. >> jeff morrow is in birmingham this morning. another area hit hard by the storms. he joins us live with the closer look. jeff, good morning to you. >> devastating scene here in the predawn hours. tuscaloosa and alabama spawned the tornado. ended up on the northwest side of birmingham. you can seem of the devastation behind me. this is somebody's home, believe it or not, and completely destroyed, just knocked down the search and rescue people were in here not too long ago, poking around in here, making sure nobody was trapped or caught underneath there. they poked through. they said it was okay. but this whole area is littered with debris, including trailers. this is a boat trailer here. there is also a vehicle that was a little further up the hill. it's end up up 50 or 60 yards down that way. it was tumbled and pretty much
5:27 am
smashed. complete devastation here when the sun comes up here, of course, we'll see more of that. just incredible damage. you mentioned the fatalities across the state. 11 of those are here in jefferson county which is the county that birmingham is in. right where i am here in pleasant grove, between four and six fatalities. not sure of the number yet. a large loss of life down in tuscaloosa. and this storm moved all the way up to georgia and caused fatalities there as well. massive damage here. and it's one that will take a long time to clean up from. guys back to you. >> feeling the people down there suffering from the loss. jeff morrow live in birmingham, thanks so much. a tornado watch in effect right now for our area. but tom is reporting good news from the storm system.
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ment. 5:30 now. some scary-looking storms on the radar. but tom says these storms are weakening. a little bit of bright news there. >> indeed good news. good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang.
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welcome for this thursday, april 28. those storms have closed shenandoah county schools and we learned that faquier county schools opening two hours late this morning. chuck bell and tom keirein in the storm senter. good morning to you both. >> good morning. the storms are beginning to weaken dramatically. we're getting fatality reports in virginia. what did you find out? >> louisa county. ten people killed, ten more potential injuries in there. all of them were in a mobile home. they all occur in a mobile home park. this is in louisa county, virginia. this is going to be part of what is now one of the largest tornado outbreaks in the u.s. history. in the last 24 hours, 154 reports of tornadoes, fatality accounts approaching 100 across the entire outbreak time. louisa county, virginia down to georgia and alabama where the
5:32 am
fatality accounts have been staggering this morning. we are starting to see a bit of improvement here. a close eye on the one last storm we're going to have to watch carefully coming out of culpepper county, virginia. that's going to cross to southern faquier county here in the next 20 or 30 minutes. that storm has a severe history behind it. this is the one we're going to be watching. >> this is the future scan. it does show here in the next hour that that storm now coming to culpepper and faquier is going to be crossing to central faquier count tip and prince william and western fairfax county. that will be around 7 to 7:30 this morning and it will be heading right toward the washington metro area. that will probably be, again, not a tornadic storm, but perhaps one that could be producing a lot of lightning and brief very heavy rain. but the good news is that things are really beginning to settle down. and we'll also have a flash flood warning in effect for the
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panhandle of west virginia and maryland. flash flood watch. it's a mild morning. we're in the 70s right now. 72 in re gan national. very humid. a live picture of the jefferson memorial. as the day progresses, we'll be climbing to the mid 70s by mid afternoon. any stormynd done here through the morning hours and overnight tonight turning much cooler. that coming up in a couple of minutes. how's the traffic? northern virginia. the immediate concern for a lot of folks the construction taking place along 66 to the beltway heading out to ballston to falls church. one lane getting by. traffic is beginning to slow coming out of the roslyn tunnel. to the i-270 southbound. watching the traffic cameras soupt south of frederick. the rain could be moving in right now. looks like dry pavement.
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again, the lightning is vift between frederick and rockville in several locations in i-270. off we go to the west where the rain has started a little bit to dulles airport. the roads are going to be slick. a little extra travel time will be a good idea. you can see the road spray and reduced visibility. blue line with up scheduled track maintenance situation sharing the same track between stadium armor and addison road. expect delays both directions. good news, vre and mark, no delays reported. okay, we are talking about storms coming in to our area right now. we know loudoun county is being affected. live to meghan mcgrath who joins us by phone. what are you seeing out there. >> on the 6 00 block of east market street in leesburg area. we're seeing light to moderate rain at this point and blustery conditions. the trees and the flags are blowing around at a good clip. but we're not seeing any effect deadly or violent sort of
5:35 am
activity that's been seen elsewhere. we have lightning in the area. it's more of a defused style of lightning. not the jagged cracks or bolts of lightning at this point here in our area here. it's stormy conditions out here. not a great morning. but really severe cells aren't moving through the area at this point here. folks want to keep an eye on things this morning as this storm progresses through our area. right here in leesburg, so far, so good. back to you, eun. meghan, what about the roads. any traffic or tieups as you were heading out there? >> no. it's still pretty light in terms of the volume. so we're not seeing any of that. we're not seeing any pooling or ponding of water either. we're seeing moderate rain conditions here. so we're not seeing the deluge that creates problems with standing water in the roadways. right now, market street looking good. but early in the game here, we
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do have rain in the volume is continuing to build. right now, everything looks good. >> meghan mcgrath in loudoun county. thank you so much. brand new images in the newsroom as the system began moving through the area 12 hours ago now. >> melissa is live in the newsroom. she joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. since the storm started late last night, dozens of eyewitness accounts, incredible photos from our viewers. take a look, this one in stafford county, virginia. she was shooting to the storm to the north along route 1. the picture looks photo shopped. we have video to share from another stafford resident. he said he was on her cell phone wednesday night when the storm started looking scary. he decided to hang up and shoot video of the storm brewing overhead. >> looking around, he said i'm going to take some video of this and watch the rotation. we saw the black clouds coming down right above the building i was near. it was crazy.
5:37 am
>> take a look at these pictures in woodbridge virginia inside the riverside apartments there. the funnel cloud is clearly forming in the distance. the gray sky moving overhead. this photo sent in by a fire chief over a darkening sky in andrews air force base. rain came pouring down there, knocking over signs and pulling down power lines, really, really incredible pictures. we're getting more photos in as we speak. we would love to share yours. of course, you can share your pictures with us by going to our facebook page and sending us a message there at nbc-4 today. we would love to share them. take the photos safely. back to you. >> good advice. amazingly, these storms have not caused wide spread power outages. just one pepco customer is in dark. across the potomac in virginia, dominion is trying to restore energy to 16. novec has 32 without electricity and bge said 47 are without
5:38 am
power right now. this is a live look at reagan national. delta cancelled one flight to miami. american has cancelled several flights to raleigh durham and nashville. u.s. airways express has cancelled a flight to white plains, new york. want to check with your airline for any delays and cancellations. we just learned of a new weather warning. right to tom keirein to find out more. >> we got a new tornado warning affecting areas just to the north of leesburg and loudoun county. this area in red is under a tornado warning. this is in effect until 6:15. it includes lucketts, ballinger creek, frederick, maryland, new market, green valley, walkersville in maryland. this is a particular cell we're highlighting right now. there could be -- it looks like the bottom of that cell, there's a hook-like look to it. you see there?
5:39 am
that's the potential tornado that is showing circulation on radar. this is why we've had a new tornado warning for frederick county and north central maryland, loudoun county, northern virginia and the locations that will be impacted. here are the villages and the towns that will be immediately impacted. point of rocks in maryland and just in the next five minutes or so. and take cover now. go to an interior room of your home or two if you have a basement, go to the basement on the lowest level. that area where you see it highlighted right now is the tornado in this storm in far northern loudoun county just to the north and east of -- the radar just updated. right there on the frederick and loudoun county line over the potomac river, right near point of rocks. and right where route 15 runs between leesburg and frederick. right there. you can see where that is now impacting the area of red and
5:40 am
the area of orange, that's the zone of the -- of perhaps the heaviest rains and the strongest winds. here's a new threat track. here are the new villages that will be impacted by this in the next very few minutes as it heads off north and east. it's moving rapidly. it's moving 60 mile-per-hours. again, tornado warning for far northern loudoun county. that corner there just to the north of leesburg as well as southern frederick county in maryland. this tornado warning is in effect until 6:15 this morning. this storm did look like it was weakening and then as it did roll across loudoun county as it came out of the blue ridge, it sort of weakened a bit. but it reintensified. a pulsation. we get that from time to time. the storms look like they can weaken and they'll intensify again. that's what's happening as they hit with the upper level winds and reintensify. we have a hook echo. the latest radar update showing it coming in to southern frederick county right near
5:41 am
point of rocks maryland right there on the potomac river right near where route 28 meets route 15. that is the zone where there could be a tornado right now. that is tracking to the east-northeast. we're getting where 270 meets interstate 70 near frederick. that's going to be hitting there probably in the next 15 minutes or so. and the radar showing adams town also is in the line of fire with this particular storm. thurston, park hills. it will be on the northern frederick county, frederick county line. extreme northern frederick county. and it's tracking rapidly, again moving 60 miles per hour. again, there could be a tornado and these towns including lucketts, ballinger creek, walkersville, centreville in
5:42 am
maryland, mellinger creek up there near braddock heights up there as well. watch out. the storm is heading your way. if you hear that thunder and see the light anything, go in the interior room. stay away from windows. if you have a basement, go to your basement. stay there until the storm passes, stay safe. it's been rapidly moving. moving quickly here in the last few minutes. it rapidly exited loudoun county now coming to frederick county, maryland. those are the lightning strikes that are detectors picking up a lot of lightning with this storm. and some brief, very heavy rain, maybe even some hail with this. it tracks off to the north and the east. you can see where the tornado warned area is. once again, that area in red, that includes all of southern frederick county. now it looks like it has been extended a little further to the north and east now, the tornado warning extends all the way up north of walkersville just about all of southern frederick county in maryland.
5:43 am
that is going to pass west of mt. airy and stay in southern frederick county staying away from montgomery county. the storm itself had weakened a bit as i mentioned. but it did reintensify. here's the latest storm threat that the villages will be impacted by this in the next couple of minutes. the threat track for this new tornado warning for this thunderstorm that has reintensified and over southern frederick county in maryland. heavy rain, lots of lightning. if you don't need to leave your home, in fact, don't leave your home, wait until the storm passes. wait -- this is the time when some of the school buses begin to come out and we have students getting ready to head off to school and parents will able to get off to work. delay leaving, wait until the storm passes. this is a dangerous storm. it's moving quickly. moving at 60 mile-per-hours. in fact, it could have wind gusts of up to 60 miles per hour even if there is no tornado, that's enough to cause wind
5:44 am
damage. now theshowing another storm that's moved in. that storm is not near as severe. that does not have a hook echo to it. the hook echo on that storm in southern frederick county has weakened a bit. perhaps circulation has gone back up in to the thunderstorm cell. the latest radar shows that it's weakened a little bit as it's heading north and east. nonetheless, it did pulsate and did get much more intense than it has been a very few minutes ago. that's moving off to the north and east now. we've had report of damage in the shenandoah valley in the clusters of storms earlier this morning. we had wind damage reports in augusta, shenandoah counties, and further to the south, unfortunately, louisa county south of spotsylvania county, four fatalities confirmed from a mobile home that was hit by
5:45 am
perhaps a tornado. we've had 12 injuries as well associated with that. reports of trees down in loudoun county. just had that in. >> the weather service is going oh to have a flash flood warning for loudoun county, virginia that goes to 9:00 this morning. the heavy rain, rainfall rates in and around the storm here have really been quite intense -- two to three inches per hour. the newest warning -- flash flood warning, is going to be in loudoun county. this is going to go until 9:00 a.m. this morning. just make this -- >> these storms are prutsioduci lot of rain, even though there may not be a lot of wind damage, the over small creeks and rivers coming out of the banks. never drive through high water. that's going to be the latest on the commute. we have the latest on what's happening for us. >> a live look coming out of frederick. we're getting pounded with heavy rain, high winds.
5:46 am
a lot of lightning soesassociat with this storm. ponding of water slowing down quickly. several long stretches south of frederick, hyattstown to germantown, no accidents. take it cautiously. stay tuned and keep you updated until things improve. out to virginia, again, dry a couple of minutes ago, not so much anymore. along interstate 66. slowing down on the wet pavement from hay market to manassas to centrevil centreville, it dries out a bit. in town, not to worry. dry pavement, new york avenue, kennel worth avenue, to the northeast, we're okay. check things out on the rails. a good chance the problems we did have metrorails have cleared. no delays all the way around. joe, eun? >> tracy wilkins is on the phone in frederick county where the new tornado warning has been issued. frederick city, i believe, right now, tracy? what's it look like there?
5:47 am
>> just south of frederick. and we have got what has to be about 50, 60 miles per hour. if we weren't working and getting paid to be out here coveringi would call in to ask to be a little late to work. this is very, very bad and it's moving quickly. ten minutes ago, trying to get a picture of the glorioulightningi could tweet it. next to my photographer, i thought, you know, waiting for the winds and the rain. it came in literally as i said that. it started pounding us with a lot of water and the lightning associated with this storm is pretty magnificent.
5:48 am
coming at uh us from the north and the west. we're positioned off of 270, a couple of exits south of frederick. it's lighting up the entire line. so you can see it's a very large storm. and capturing it on video, it's -- you know, you can flick the camera in any direction and you can see some of the lightning. but what is most troubling is the high winds an also the hard rain. for people driving in this, there's going to be visibility issues and you can feel your vehicle pushed around a little bit by the high winds. so that's why i would say if there's a way for you to sit this storm out until the work of it passes, i would. especially up in this area. back to you all. >> you said stay off of the roads. is there trouble in traffic this
5:49 am
morning? i do. i can see 270 and this road that we're on. starting to see ponding of water is coming quickly. and the wind is bad. so we're parked right now. but we got in here to take the phone call, the truck is moving. you know, from side-to-side. i can feel the winds really blowing it. so we are seeing gusts 50, 60 miles per hour. and back down to about 20 to 30 miles per hour. so it's up and down here. now as you know, you look at the weather, we can't do live shots because the mast goes up there. with the wind over the truck and with the lightning. i'm describing to the best of my ability what we're experiencing here. but you know, eun and joe, from
5:50 am
being in live trucks, if the wind is strong enough to move the truck, you're dealing with strong winds. you can imagine a car that's not as heavy trying to travel and move in this kind of weather. >> plus, there's a lot of area on the side of the trucks. those things are very vulnerable to those kinds of winds. the good news tracy is tom is saying it's a fast-moving storm. it's moving at 60 mile-per-hours. it should be getting out of your area before too long. but being very careful. because this has already been a deadly storm in virginia. at least four people are dead. a dozen people injured in a mobile home park. we want to mention that shenandoah county schools are closed today and faquier county schools are opening two hours late as a result of these storms. we understand there's damage out there in shenandoah county as well. if you have pictures or manuals, send them our way.
5:51 am
>> now to other news. a scary scene -- >> we're going to go to tom kierien to find out about the storms. any change in the tornado warning. >> that is still the same. the tornado warning area, the warned area does include all of southern frederick county there in the red zone, that could be a tornado. that does look like it's been extended farther to the north and east across southern frederick county. this is in effect here for perhaps another half hour or so. but this storm is moving so fast, it has a history of some rotation that was detected on radar. where you can see the orange and the red, that's the heaviest rain. that's the other thing that's tremendous amounts of rain with these storms that unfortunately have had a history of fatalities. we've had reports of fatalities in louisa county occurring around midnight tonight. the thunderstorm was a powerful
5:52 am
thunderstorm gust or maybe even a small tornado, impacted a mobile home park. we have four fatalities there in the little village of ferndale in louisa county. and that includes 12 injure in that storm. that was around midnight. we have reports of trees down in loudoun county. chuck is doing the latest analysis here, a close-up view of the radar in frederick county, chuck? >> looking at the radar. this is when i go inside the circle, that's giving us the profile of the wind. where you see bright green touching bright red, that's an indication of where the strong circulation is. that lines up closely with what is a fairly ill-defined but still obvious hook echo here moving, crossing interstate 270 is where interstate 70 comes to downtown frederick. going to be the most dangerous part of the storm here. it will be just out to the south
5:53 am
and east of downtown frederick maryland. so your tornado warning continues to 6:30 this morning. >> if we can scan further south, new tornado warning issued for parts of prince william county. the new warm area. the other storm does have some indication. rappahanock, faquier, prince william until 6:30 this morning. this is an indication that we're picking up circulation on the radar. some of the situation impact reasonable doubt the plains, virginia, middleville, marshall, virginia. here are some of the other towns under the threat track. >> only five or six minutes away from marshall, virginia to central faquier county. the plains, the storm will be coming up and crossing interstate 66 here in the next five or ten minutes.
5:54 am
so if you're in or near 66 in the far northwestern tip of prince william county near bull run, seek shelter, lowest level, interior room of your home is always the best bet. stay away from doors or windows if you live in this area here. if you live in a mobile home, this is your time to find safer structure. any kind of reinforced structure is going to be better off. no structure available put it in a low spot outside of your mobile home. you're going to be wet and dirty. this is a dangerous situation right here. marshalls on top of you at this point in time. a fresh track for you so you can get a better sense. also on this radar, a little bit of a circulation showing up on the doppler. not all that obvious just yet. >> a white patch there. you can see that when we do that on the highlight. the interesting thing is there's not a lot of rain with these. we do have a lot of dynamic circulation. it doesn't look like it's that
5:55 am
bad of a storm looking at the amount of rain. that's what we're seeing in the yellow and the orange. that's the rain. >> what i'm betting on here now, these are rainfall estimates from doppler. it's coming down underneath these areas. coming down one to two inches of rain per hour. if it rains for 30 minutes. a half an inch to two inches of rain in a 30-minute span. that's more than enough to cause urban and street flooding. so going to be a dangerous situation around here for the next little while. but the most dangerous part of the storm is just up here to the north and west of warrenton. these storms are moving along very quickly. you folks in new baltimore, the plains, hay market, gainesville, virginia, bull run, and suddenley by 6:25. you do have to be on the lookout for this storm. they are moving to the northeast at 50 and 60 mile-per-hours. the tornado warning for culpepper, rappahanock, faquier and prince william county going to 6:30 this morning.
5:56 am
moving up to the outside of frederick, maryland as well. this storm continues to be quite severe with a definite signature of some rotation on it as well. off to the northeast at 50 mile-per-hours. silver hill, new windsor, high ridge, westminster, maryland, sandiville. and at any time, it could produce a 50 to 60 mile-per-hour wind gust. and, again, the rainfall amounts here are fairly impressive. more than an inch of rain in an hour's time. so an inch and a half there just east of frederick. be on the lookout. these storms are intense. they're not terribly big. but they are intense thunderstorms. and, again, the worst part of this one is just off to the east of downtown frederick.
5:57 am
oh, it just -- >> looked like it weakened there in the latest update. but still, even though it looked weaker, it could be circulation aloft that could spin back down and get closer to the ground. these are small tornados. these are nothing like what we first saw in alabama yesterday. but again any small tornado can do damage to the small area. the fact that the storms are moving at such a fast pace, they're moving at 60 mile-per-hours. that alone can produce wind gusts and cause damage. here are the latest villages impacted by that storm there in frederick county. >> union bridge, new windsor, west-minuter, and sandiville. it's showing a weakening. but a dangerous storm that needs to be taken seriously here. get a better sense of to interstate 70. headed off to the northeast. so you folks towards westminster, maryland be on the lookout. that storm is coming in your direction at this point in time.
5:58 am
>> another good cell there in howard county too. that one is an offshoot of that tornado. not showing rotation. the isolated cells that may not have rotation. the forward speed of those storms could cause problems. let's zoom down to the tornado warned area there in faquier county. at a's the most intense storm we're dealing with right now. that warned area includes all of faquier county and the extreme northern part of prince william county there in gainesville and bull run. and passing north and east of there, that's going to be passing to loudoun county again. we had reports of tree damage in loudoun county and near leesburg from that particular storm that came through and weakening in frederick county. here's the latest in the threat track of that storm. it's moving rapidly as well. >> marshall, again, yeah, the center of the storm is two or three minutes away from crossing interstate 66 in northern
5:59 am
faquier county. so marshall, the plains zullo, halfway, bull run, middleburg, arlie and alcoa at 6:25 this morning. be on the lookout for central and eastern apartments of loudoun county, virginia. the far northern tip of prince william. the northern half of faquier county. that storm on the move. >> take a look at the areas under a flash flood warning. the pand hand the panhandle of west virginia. we'll have a clearing this afternoon after the storminess does subside by noontime today. breezy and cool tomorrow. temperatures climbing if we can go to graphics. let's look at that. show you the four-day. we'll show you the warming


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